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dessert guru

What We Do

We are a dedicated supplier of fresh fruit pureés, nectars and creative dessert toppings to Singapore’s most established F&B businesses.
Now equipped with e-commerce functionalities, we seek to deliver the most gratifying treats right to your doorsteps.


A wide assortment of fresh fruit purées that will tantalize even the fussiest taste-buds. Derived from the thorough blending of fresh fruits into a thick and chunky puree. Brimming with fresh fruit pulp and fibres. Natural goodness guaranteeed in every box.

TOPPINGS & jellies

Over 27 unique selections to choose from Created and manufactured in-house, these toppings can only be found exclusively at Dessert Guru.


Nectar or Nektar which means “drink of the gods” is derived from the thorough blending of fruit pulp and juice into a thick and viscous nectar/syrup. They have a high fruit content and are strictly not from concentrate (NFC). Choose from over 18 different unique flavours!

Instant traditional desserts

Choose from five local traditional favourites concocted for the time constrained society.


Ordering Procedures

Choose your products on our website. Select you preferred delivery timings & simply pay online with Paypal.

Delivery to your door steps or self-collection? It’s all up to you.

Instantly become a dessert guru by following the serving instructions of your order.
Enjoy your creation.