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SGD 0.00

Mango Jelly (6 CUP PACK)

SGD 9.00

Now available in packs of 6 x 125-gram cups.

Experience the fresh taste of summer with every cupful of Dessert Guru's Mango Jelly!
This rich and silky treat is bursting with luscious mango flavors, making perfect for any occasion.

Made with a blend of fresh mango juice, pulp, milk, and gelatine, our Mango Jelly is thoroughly balanced and tastefully crafted to provide the ultimate mango experience.

With its delectably refreshing fragrance, this jelly is sure to become a summertime favorite.

So why wait? Indulge in the delicious taste of summer with Dessert Guru's Mango Jelly today!

Ready to be used upon purchase, expiry is at least 2-3 weeks if kept chilled at 0° - 4°C.

Feel free to eat it as it is or use it as a topping for your favourite desserts/beverages.

Adding some fresh mango cubes would greatly enhance its taste as well!