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Brown Sugar Jelly Pearl (Honey Pearl) (1 KG)

SGD 11.50

Brown Sugar Pearl Jelly (Honey Pearl)

Our Mini Brown Sugar Pearl Jelly is another healthier alternative to traditional Tapioca Taiwan Pearls.
It's made from plant-based gelatin and water, and infused with the perfect amount of brown sugar syrup to give it its delicious taste and color.

The end result is a slightly crunchy jelly texture that is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your milk-based beverages, desserts or any of your favorite treats.

This new product is a unique delicacy in its own way, with a texture that is different from the traditional pearls and konjac jelly but it still gives the same feeling of happiness that you can get from them.

It’s a perfect combination of texture, taste, and healthiness. So next time you’re looking for an alternative to traditional Tapioca Taiwan Pearls, be sure to give Dessert Guru’s Brown Sugar Pearl Jelly a try and experience droplets of happiness in every bite.

Ready to be used upon purchase, expiry is at least 2 months if kept chilled at 0° - 4°C.

With a large variety of uses, Dessert Guru’s Brown Sugar Pearl Jelly can be used as a dessert/ beverage/ ice cream topping or even be eaten on its own. The possibilities are endless with Dessert Guru.