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Earl Grey Jelly (6 CUP PACK)

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Earl Grey Jelly (6 CUP PACK)

SGD 8.90

Now available in packs of 6 x 125-gram cups.

Inspired by the success and popularity of our signature Red Tea Jelly.
We wanted to create something that would complement but not supersede.
Think of this as Red Tea Jelly’s British cousin.

Signature Earl Grey Tea Jelly
A premium brew of earl grey leaves infused with hints of bergamot.
Light, refreshing and citrusy.
Made fresh daily.
We would highly recommend that you try it as it is or even use it as a dessert or bubble tea topping.
Product is versatile but is definitely more palatable with sour than sweet.

Easiest Serving Suggestions:
Lime Juice + Earl Grey Jelly

No preparation required.
Product is ready to be consumed immediately.
Slice them, dice them, do as you please.
One thing’s for sure, satisfaction guaranteed