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Specializing in manufacturing and producing a wide range of fresh fruit products along with a range of creative dessert toppings that are widely utilized by many big players in Singapore’s F&B industry.
Dessert Guru is a second generation family enterprise that has been pioneering and creating uniquely Singaporean Desserts and Beverages since 1999.
Businesses and corporations do not just value the quality and affordability of our products but also, our ability to be extremely versatile and adaptable to their specific needs.

Albeit, being behind the scenes and taking on backend roles for our food service retailers.
We are actually the creative minds behind most of the desserts and beverages that you know and love of today.
We aspire to change the way people think about desserts and beverages.
Be it, new product development, menu revamps, refreshing recipe ideas and F&B consultancy, we are extremely eager to innovate and we use our two decades of experience and expertise to give people what they want & when they want it.

Not too long ago we were a just a start-up that served a relatively small market of 50 customers. Now we’re a relatively well – established SME with the logistic capabilities to serve over 1500 of our most valued customers and businesses in Singapore, and that’s just what we’re doing today.

We’re thinking about the future, too. With teams working on autonomous production capabilities, research and development for newer and healthier product range and also expansion into more B2C sectors along with more international import and exports, we are in it for the long haul.

With the ever-changing taste of consumers, we are reimagining how our products can make a difference.


  • Assorted Fresh Fruit Nectars


Our two decades of experience have enabled us to perfect the skills of fresh fruit blending and also the art of creating dessert toppings which are quirky and definitely out of this world, but more importantly, it has also allowed us to learn about the importance of customer and after-sales service. We are devoted to supporting you and your business with the expertise and insights we have gained over the years.

At Dessert Guru, We love to talk to our customers to find out more about their wants and needs.
We aspire to establish great rapport and relationships with each of our valued clients.
We want to properly understand your organizational needs, goals and how our comprehensive product range will be able to complement and improve your current offerings.
We believe in the importance of providing adequate after-sales service so as to be able to help you at every step along the way.

Remember, the success of your business equates to the success of our business.

For enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email at the
Locate Us Portion of our website or call us directly at +65 6246 1191.