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1) How long does my order normally take to arrive?
Upon making your order, our customer service agents will call you to schedule your delivery date and timing.

Orders made or received before 12 PM will be delivered on the same day.
As we follow a delivery route, orders will normally reach between 3 - 8 PM.

2) How much for free delivery?
There is no MOQ for orders.
Orders above $85.00 SGD will be automatically entitled to free delivery.

Orders below $85.00 will be charged $5.00 per delivery.
All prices are before 7% GST.

3) Are your products HALAL?
All products listed
in this website are HALAL Certified unless stated otherwise.
Our products are also ISO22000 Certified.

4) What is the difference between Fresh Fruit Nectar & Fresh Fruit Purées
Nectars have lower fruit content and
are more viscous in nature.
Less pulp but still contains visible fresh fruit fibres.
More suited for smoothies, quick blends, and instant juices.

Purées have a higher fruit content, is chunky and extremely pulpy.
More artisanal in nature, higher quality.
More suited for ice creams, desserts, milkshakes, cakes, and confectionery.

But are strictly derived from the thorough blending and filtering of fresh fruits.

5) What are your signature products?
We have been in the market since 1999 and have been Singapore's pioneers and inventors of most of the dessert and beverages that you know and love today.

If we had to name a few significant products that have been major contributors to our business, they will be our assorted Soursop, Durian, Avocado and Mango Purées along with our signature Red Tea and Earl Grey Jellies, IQ Ball, Tadpole Jelly and many more!

6) Where are your products manufactured and produced?
We are a small family business based in Singapore.

All of our products listed here are all made and manufactured in our factory at Bedok North, Singapore since 2001.

7) Where else can we buy your products?
You may find our products on
1) Shopee
2) Qoo10

8)  How should we keep our products upon receiving them?
For Fresh Fruit Purées and Nectars - Best to keep them frozen -10 degrees at least.

Normally lasts up to 6 months
For Jellies and Toppings - Chilled 3 degrees and below.
Normally lasts up to 4  to 8 weeks