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Guava & Soursop Purée

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No Artificial Colours or Flavourings
100 % Fresh Fruit Purée
Introducing our new and unique blend of guava and soursop puree! This refreshing combination is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its sweet and slightly acidic flavors. Made with 100% fresh fruit, our guava and soursop puree is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural fruit fibers. Perfect for creating smoothies, ice blended drinks, milkshakes, and more, this puree is a must-have for any fruit lover. Plus, with no artificial colors or flavorings, you can feel good about using this puree in your favorite recipes. Try it today and discover the delicious possibilities!

This product is used to create a myriad of different beverages, such as smoothies, ice blended, milkshakes and even cocktails.
Our recommendation: Serve like an Italian soda. Simplicity at it's best.

Ready to be used upon purchase, extremely long shelf life when kept frozen or chilled. Lasts up to at least one year if kept frozen (-18°C), use within a week if kept chilled (0° - 4°C)