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Mixed Berry Mojito

Delicious rum based cocktail that will definitely rejuvenate your senses.
If you are a fan of berries, this refreshing drink is specially crafted for you.

Preparation procedures good for one serving.

Items Required

  • Collins Glass
  • 80ml of Mixed Berries Nectar
  • 15ml of Sugarless Green Lime Nectar
  • 40ml of Rum
  • 500ml cupful of Ice
  • 30ml of Soda Water 
  • 5 – 7 Mint Leaves

Steps and Procedures

  1. Place all the required ingredients into glass
  2. Muddle them
  3. Add Rum
  4. Fill up with Ice & Soda Water
  5. Stir it up
  6. Garnish with 2 additional mint leaves and fresh berries (optional)
  7. Serve!
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