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Rainbow Tadpole Jelly

SGD 10.00

Rainbow Tadpole Jelly

Introducing an original creation of Dessert Guru, the classic tadpole-shaped jelly ball topping that is widely used by many dessert stalls all across Singapore! These colorful, but tasteless jelly balls not only enhance the texture of your creations but also adds an aesthetic appeal.

Our jelly balls were specifically crafted to provide an additional chewiness and visual appeal to any dessert or drink. It's no surprise that they have become one of our best sellers due to its versatility and ability to complement any dish or drink.

And the best part? These jelly balls are made with healthy, low-calorie plant-based ingredients, making them a guilt-free option for anyone looking for a tasty topping to add to their desserts or drinks. At Dessert Guru, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality and delicious toppings and our jelly balls are no exception. Try it today and elevate your creations to new heights!

Ready to be used upon purchase, expiry is at least 2 months if kept chilled at 0° - 4°C.

With a large variety of uses, Dessert Guru’s Rainbow Tadpole Jelly can be used as a dessert/ beverage/ ice cream topping or even be eaten on its own. The possibilities are endless with Dessert Guru.