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Premium Durian Purée (XO)

Premium Durian Purée (XO)

SGD 24.00

No Artificial Colours or Flavourings
1 0 0 % Fresh Fruit Purée

Durian aficionados, it’s time to rejoice, because if you already think that our normal Durian Purée is absolutely delish, well then we think that you are in for a bigger treat. 
We proudly introduce the Holy Grail of all Durian Purées! 
What we have done here is take the most palatable D24 durian pulp bits and proceeded to blend it with just the right amount of honey and sugar. 
The end product speaks for itself, a box of fragrant Durian purée with visible chunks of sinful Durian Flesh. 
Our existing customers have commented that the taste of it is the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. 
Our recommendation: For Durian Aficionados, eat it as it is! For the more sane ones, try making a vanilla durian milkshake with whipped cream!