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Yam Paste

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A good old fashioned Yam paste specially curated for your convenience and accessibility.
Follow the simple 3 step process and you will have the best yam paste in under 20 minutes!

1)     500G of Yam Paste
2)    1500ML of Hot Water
3)    200G of Sugar (Add more if required)

1)     Place the Yam paste into 500ML of hot water, mix it thoroughly and let it dissolve and simmer.
2)    Slowly add the sugar into the mix and stir in one continuous direction until all sugar is dissolved.
3)    Add remaining 1000ML of hot water.
4)   Boil thoroughly and ensure everything is dissolved.
5)   Serve!

2Kg Tub yields approximately 25 to 30 bowls of delicious dessert.