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Yam / Taro Paste

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No Artificial Colors or Flavorings
Introducing our delicious Yam / Taro Paste! Made from high-quality boiled yams that have been mashed, processed and shaped into a thick and chunky paste.
A convenient and delicious treat that will satisfy your cravings for something sweet and indulgent.
Perfect for busy people who love traditional Asian desserts but don't have the time or energy to make them from scratch.
Our yam paste has some sugar added to serve as a preservative and also further enhance the natural sweetness that comes from the yams themselves, apart from that, there are no additional preservatives or artificial flavorings.
This product is extremely versatile and can be served in many ways.
Try it as a topping for ice cream, mix it with milk or coconut milk for a creamy and satisfying beverage, or simply enjoy it on its own as a dessert. Try it today!

Ready to be used upon purchase, extremely long shelf life when kept frozen or chilled. Lasts up to at least one year if kept frozen (-18°C), use within a week if kept chilled (0° - 4°C)

Simple Recipe for Yam Paste Dessert.
Be sure to add some Ginko Nuts too!

1)     500G of Yam Paste
2)    1500ML of Hot Water
3)    200G of Sugar (Add more if required)

1)     Place the Yam paste into 500ML of hot water, mix it thoroughly and let it dissolve and simmer.
2)    Slowly add the sugar into the mix and stir in one continuous direction until all sugar is dissolved.
3)    Add remaining 1000ML of hot water.
4)   Boil thoroughly and ensure everything is dissolved.
5)   Serve!

1 Kg Tub yields approximately 15 bowls of delicious dessert.