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Aloe Vera (CHUNKY)

SGD 15.00
The Aloe Vera Plant brings a myriad of beneficial properties good for everybody. Here are five reasons why, you should try it 1) It is a damn good source of Vitamins, ranging from vitamins B12, C , E and even Folic Acid 2) Assists in healthy digestion. 3) It comprises of many minerals such potassium, calcium, iron and even manganese! 4) Consuming it frequently is good for your skin. Last but never the least. 5) Because it is a wonderful topping that is good for health, tastes amazing and can complement almost anything We recommend that you use this version of Chunky Aloe Vera Cubes as a topping for dessert or ice cream as it is much larger in size(18 mm) and also more visible. Much more visible and chewy.