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Coffee Jelly (1 KG)

Experience the bold, robust flavor of our fresh and locally sourced coffee beans in our daily-made coffee jelly.
The perfect treat for coffee lovers, our coffee jelly is fragrant and sure to satisfy your cravings.
Enjoy a fuss-free way to refresh and refuel with this unique Singaporean twist on a classic dessert.

Don't wait - try our coffee jelly today and discover a new favorite way to enjoy your daily cup of joe.

Convenient and ready to be used upon purchase, our jelly is made fresh daily for maximum flavor and enjoyment.

Expiry is at least 3 to 4 weeks kept chilled at 0° - 4°C. With a large variety of uses, our Coffee Jelly can be used as a dessert/ beverage/ ice cream topping or even be eaten on its own. The possibilities are endless with Dessert Guru.