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Brown Sugar Syrup

SGD 42.00

Premium Brown Sugar Syrup

Proudly made in Singapore with raw materials imported from Taiwan.
Created for the Brown Sugar Aficionados in mind.
Slow-cooked over 6 hours to ensure thick and runny consistency.
Produced fresh daily.
Extremely fragrant with hints of toffee with a slightly charred after taste.
Enjoy brown sugar molasses that are caramelized to perfection.
Super easy to use.
Now you can easily create your favorite Brown Sugar Beverages in a Jiffy.
Blend it or simply just add to your favorite milk or tea.
Spoil yourselves further with our wide variety of toppings and jellies that go extremely well with this product.
You can even use it to enhance your most favorite drinks, cocktails, pancakes, mochi, and ice cream!
The possibilities are endless!

Shelf life: at least 10 months Once opened, keep in the fridge.