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Lemon Purée

SGD 15.00

No Artificial Colours or Flavourings
100 % Fresh Fruit Purée
Life may have given us lemons, but we turned them into liquid gold! Our 100% pure lemon purée is freshly squeezed and blended to perfection, delivering a tart and tangy burst of flavor that will leave you puckering for more.

This product is used to create a myriad of different beverages, such as smoothies, ice blended, milkshakes and even cocktails. 
Our recommendation: Follow our recipe and concoct a Lemon Calpis Smoothie in under a few minutes!

Ready to be used upon purchase, extremely long shelf life when kept frozen or chilled. Lasts up to at least one year if kept frozen (-18°C), use within a week if kept chilled (0° - 4°C)